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Our 5 Year Anniversary!

We are now going into over 5 years of serving the paintball needs in the North Texas Area. Many people were there from the beginning, and saw us build our field, but if you didn't... there is how it happened!

May - 2006

Here is a shot from the street of the building. You can see we are nearly finished with the outside painting. And we just got the new parking lot in.

So now let's take a look inside. This angle is from up in the front (actually, kinda from over the bathroom area) and you can see some of the staging area (where the stacks of sheet rock are), the parents lounge framed up, and the framing of the wall between the staging area and the field. Notice the large openings in that wall for viewing windows so you can watch the action when not playing, and the door is dead center leading onto the field.

The field behind the framing is the main X Ball field that measures 80 x 150.

This next shot is from the back of the X Ball field looking back forward towards the staging area, bathrooms and office area. We have some white tarp on the walls, and the nets should be up in the next week.
This shot is from the back of our scenario room looking forward. In here we installed a multi channel lighting system complete with a fog machine and multi colored lasar system. You can read more about the field by checking out the Our Facility Link.

And while we were working on the back room, the contractors finished all the framing, got the bathrooms inspected and the plumbing is done, inspected and green tagged.
And with the metal done - they started hanging the sheet rock. Electricians will be in tomorrow, and should be closing up the walls next week.

And while we're working inside, the guys are getting some stuff done outside. Most of our sign is up... the neon GatSplat Logo. Now in the next day, the big "INDOOR PAINTBALL FIELD" sign will be up.

Update July 28 - 2006

Well, I realize these first two pictures may not do much for you... To you it probably just looks like sheet rock. But to me, this looks like we got our green tags from the inspectors on all the plumbing, framing, and electrical, and we can close up the walls, tape, texture, paint in the next week. The top shot is of the area where the offices, bathrooms, range, etc are located. The other shot shows the parents lounge and the wall that separates the staging area from the field. And now you can see the door that leads on to the X ball field.

Update Aug 4 - 2006

We've gotten a bunch of stuff done in the last few days, that really don't photograph well. For example, we got in the Satellite dish for the big flat screen in the parents lounge... but what... put up a picture of a dish? Guess not. We also have more skim coats of the sheet rock - they will texture today, and maybe start paint today or tomorrow. Another picture now still looks like sheet rock under construction. Figured I'd wait until some paint goes on to show it.

We do have a few new things we can show.
And we got most of the netting in, and that is starting to go up. As you look at the picture, you'll see the netting is white. This is special stuff that is flame retardant for indoor use, and being white, it enhances the lighting on the field instead of knocking it down like the black netting does. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is behind on making this special stuff, and we don't have enough to finish up yet. The rest is supposed to be in to us in about a week - but we should have no problem keeping busy until then.

And we started painting up front. We were not sure which color to go with... so we went with them all! We think it will look good when it's done. But I thought buying Enron stock was a great move... Oh heck... a little product, a few posters - who will even see the walls?!

Update August 10 - 2006

We're getting closer day by day. We are completely done with the paint (or perhaps I should say paints) in the front, and today we built the counters where we'll check out gear and sell products. And in the second picture, you can see a shot under the counter. We built a rack under each counter that holds the rental guns, and there is ample room for the masks down there as well!

And we've nearly finished netting the X ball field. Here you can us working on the bottom of the net for the dead zone that runs along one side of the field. He's that round speck in the left hand side of the photo - kneeling down zip tying net. (Kinda' lets you know how big the place is!)
And now the tempered glass is in for the viewing windows between the staging area and the field. There are a lot of other things that got finished up that you you might not notice, like our burglar alarm and fire alarm system is all installed. If you look at the wall next to the door you can see the fire alarm strobe mounted on the wall. And the T1 line and regular phone lines are hooked up and working, and we got in the net for the back and we're starting to hang that. The outlets and switches are all wired in now, so instead of flipping breakers on and off... we have switches! What a concept! And of course, the clean up of the construction is a daily occurrence.

With school starting, we're losing a few guys who have been doing a lot of the work getting things together, but we still have some other guys, and are still looking for some other guys that can help out during the week. It's taken longer than we anticipated, but as the pictures probably show - the end is in sight! Hopefully another week or 2 and we can start having players in here!

Update August 11 - 2006

Just a few quick notes today... we now have toilets! It may not seem like much to you, but there are a couple of bushes behind our building that are suddenly very happy! One of my guys pointed out that although we have toilets... there isn't any toilet paper. I explained that's because we don't tolerate wiping on our field! ;-)

And we got the carpeting in our parents lounge and behind the counter, got the compressor wired up, the bank system mounted and got a bunch of stuff cleaned up. The cool thing is I just got a call from our Paint Distributor that let us know that they were making our field paint today! It is being shipped to us in the next week or so - as soon as it cures and gets bagged, boxed, and tossed on a truck!

Update September 1 - 2006

It's time! We're not done with everything we want to do... we will still be making some minor changes and improvements, but we are ready to open. We got most everything complete, and did a test run with a group of 20 folks from Best Buy this last week. Here's a shot of one of their folks in the X Ball Field.

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GatSplat indoor paintball field

582 E Hwy 121
Lewisville, TX 75057
Note: This is Business 121 in Lewisville.
Here's a Map & Directions

Another note!
GPS does a bad job of getting here with our address. It might lead you to the other 121, but you can set your GPS to Coordinates:
Latitude 33.038060     Longitude -96.987244
Or N 33.038060 W 96.987244
depending on the input of your unit
(972) 956-5500
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